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HOPE Foster Care

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About HOPE Foster Care

The Methodist Home recently relaunched our private, faith-based foster care program, HOPE Foster Care, to answer our community’s need for more quality foster families to care for vulnerable children. In addition to the children we serve through our residential program, The Methodist Home’s ministry extends to private families who welcome children, ages birth to 18, into their home while they are in foster care. HOPE Foster Care serves family and children in the Macon, Columbus and Americus areas.

The goal of HOPE Foster Care is to recruit and train adults who will offer children Homes where they can heal from their losses, Open hearts that pour out and display love, Protection for children who have not known safety and Encouragement toward a future that reaches beyond their circumstances.

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HOPE Leadership

Beth Greene

Director of HOPE Foster Care

Beth Greene began working with HOPE Foster Care during the program’s initial years, in 2004.  She worked as the Resource Developer for HOPE for five years, before transitioning to the Visitation Program with Lighthouse for Families.  After serving as a Family Coach in the Visitation Program for four years, Beth left The Methodist Home to add to her family and pursue her Master’s Degree.  Upon completion of her Master’s Degree in 2017, Beth returned to The Methodist Home to serve as the Director of HOPE Foster Care.

HOPE Foster Care provides:


Our foster families go through extensive training in preparation for welcoming children into their home. They learn about the effects of trauma, how to meet the needs of children who have experienced loss and how to support biological parents throughout the reunification process.

Open Hearts

HOPE foster families do more than share their homes – they share their hearts with children in need. They are ready to provide nurturance, structure, compassion and comfort to children who have experienced trauma and are grieving. From rocking a fussy baby in the middle of the night to helping a student navigate the school system, our families are ready to stand in the gap for children in need.


It is a priority that all children, who have felt unsafe in the past, live in foster homes where they have the assurance of safety. Our foster families adhere to very high standards when it comes to meeting the safety requirements set for their homes.


Along with safety, nurturance, and stability, our foster families offer vulnerable children encouragement toward a future where they can trust adults, be connected to resources on their journey toward healing and have a vision for a future that is different from their past.

What is foster care?

Foster care is intended to be a support for families. It is a situation in which, for a period of time, a child lives with caregivers who are not the child’s biological parents. The goal of foster care is to protect children from further risk of harm, while supporting and strengthening the restoration of biological families.

What age do you have to be to foster?

You need to be 25 years old and 10 years older than the child placed in your home.

Do I have to be married to foster?

No, you do not have to be married to foster.

Do I have to own my own home?

No, you can own, rent or live in an apartment.

Do I get paid to be a foster parent?

Foster parents receive a reimbursement to cover the additional costs of adding another family member to the home such as increased utilities bills, higher grocery bills, transportation to and from school and appointments, and other associated room and board expenses.

What are the steps to become a foster parent?

The first step to become a foster parent is to attend an Orientation Meeting! If you decide to pursue fostering with HOPE, you will complete a comprehensive, ten-week training program that includes IMPACT, First Aid and CPR, and HOPE Foster Care Policies and Procedures. Throughout training, you will engage in a mutually selective process with HOPE Foster Care for a thorough home and family assessment that includes background checks and safety screenings, medical clearances, and references.

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