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Support a Foster Parent

While everyone is not called to foster, everyone can support a foster parent! You can make a difference in the life of a child by becoming part of their foster parents’ support network.


Foster parents can use support in a variety of ways. If you are interested in directly serving a foster parent, contact us and if appropriate, we will connect you with a foster parent who lives close to you. We will then explore how you would like to serve and assess the foster parent’s needs to see if you are a match.

Examples of volunteer service:

  • Babysitting so the foster parents can have a break, attend training, or spend kid-free time together
  • Transporting foster children to routine appointments (visitation, therapy, etc.) so the children can have additional positive relationships with adults and foster parents can have flexibility in their schedule
  • Serve the foster family through meals, yard work, laundry assistance, or other means
  • Serve the children through tutoring, taking the children on educational experiences, or teaching them a skill/craft


Children in foster care and their families need our community’s support as they seek full restoration and healing. All parties involved with the foster care process benefit when the community knows more about their needs. Help HOPE Foster Care connect with your church or other organizations so we can spread the word about the need for quality foster parents.

  • Distribute posters and flyers
  • Set up a speaking engagement for a HOPE staff member
  • Share information about HOPE Foster Care on your social media accounts


If you would like to support our foster families, please make your financial gift designated to HOPE Foster Care. This will enable us to purchase supplies to help foster parents on their journey.

Foster parents need specific items in their homes in compliance with the state’s safety standards. They can also use books that help them communicate with hurting children, and photo albums to create life books for children. These standard items can be found on our Amazon Wish List.

Children often enter foster care with little to no items to call their own. Help us greet these children with compassion by assembling a HOPE Journey Bag:

  • Buy a new bag (backpack or duffle) and label it with the gender and size clothing you are putting in the bag (example: Girl/2T or Boy/Size 7)
  • Include pajamas, a blanket or soft toy, toothbrush, and toothpaste

Additional items could include: A note or prayer for the child, a book or small toys, a journal and pens for older children

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