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The Methodist Home offers internships with professionals to give interns a general orientation to the organization in areas regarding policies, structure and function. Students are given the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom in a hands-on environment.

Under professional supervision, in certain circumstances interns may work directly with clients as appropriate.

All intern applicants must submit an application with a resume and cover letter prior to the deadline specified below. All intern applicants will have an initial interview with a member of the leadership team to determine the needs of the intern and the most appropriate placement.

All interns are required to complete the following:

  • Intern Application
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Screen
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Orientation

Deadlines for Internship Application:

  • Fall Internship – July 1st
  • Spring Internship – December 1st
  • Summer Internship – April 1st

Types of Internships

The Methodist Home is able to offer both full-time and part-time internship opportunities in the following areas for graduate and undergraduate students:

  • Social Services
  • Education
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing/Development
  • Training
  • Information Technology

Internship Purposes

  • Help students apply theory into effective practice
  • Broaden the student’s range of skills by delivering services to individuals, families and communities
  • Prepare students to provide services to diverse client populations
  • Familiarize students with work responsibilities associated with their education

Internship Academic Requirements

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Be willing to commit at least one semester
  • Be enrolled in work experience/internship/practicum course

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