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Become a Foster Parent

Foster parents are a unique group of people who are compassionate, strong, patient, flexible and creative. They are willing to go through an involved process of training, paperwork, appointments and setting up their home to meet state standards so a child who has experienced trauma will know the comfort of a loving, healing home.

As a HOPE Foster Parent, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Financial reimbursement, ranging from $20 to $55 per day/per child, to provide for the child(ren) placed in your home
  • Supportive home visits from HOPE staff
  • Ongoing training opportunities to enhance your skills as a HOPE foster parent
  • Access to 24-hour, 7-days a week support from a HOPE staff
  • Monthly foster parent support group
  • Financial assistance for clothing
  • Funds to cover daycare expenses
  • The opportunity to be a voice and advocate for the child(ren) placed in your home

If this sounds like you, then consider the steps below and contact us to start the process!

Our foster programs include traditional, therapeutic and respite families.

Basic Requirements:

  • At least 25 years old and 10 years older than a child placed in your home
  • Satisfactory screenings, completion of training and home study process
  • Evidence of safe, appropriate space and furnishings for children to join your home
  • No more than six total children (including biological children) in your home
  • An ability to be a supportive team player in the reunification process
  • Display a protective capacity for children who have experienced trauma
  • Agree to utilize behavioral management skills taught in training and refrain from ever using any form of prohibited punishment

Step 1: Informational Meeting

Come learn about the process of becoming a foster parent and how HOPE Foster Care operates. Contact us to RSVP or to schedule a time.

Step 2: Training

IMPACT Training for potential foster parents is taught in an eight-week format. For those who are ready to become HOPE foster parents, two additional evenings (weeks 9 and 10) are used for Behavioral Management and Policies and Procedures Training.

CPR/First Aid Training will be provided for potential foster parents through The Methodist Home. Applicants may also secure training at their own expense at a day/time that better suits their schedule if needed.

Step 3: Home Study

The home study process is an in-depth process that meets the state’s requirements for approving foster parents. This allows HOPE staff to get to know potential foster families. It also helps determine who the family is best equipped to serve. This includes:

  • Three interviews with at least two in the home and at least one individual interview with each household member
  • Multiple screenings (Medical, background checks, references, etc.)
  • Each adult household member will be responsible for completing paperwork including questionnaires, reflections, and forms

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