The Joseph Company

The Joseph Company of 100 consists of people who follow the biblical Joseph in laying up funds now for a future time of need. By giving to The Joseph Company, donors help strengthen the viability of the Methodist Home ensuring that resources are available to care for children and families struggling with the famines of abuse, poverty, and neglect.

Members of The Joseph Company agree to give at least $1,200 annually for 7 years. Payment can be made annually, quarterly, monthly, or all at once. Gifts may be made in cash, or in stocks or other similar financial instruments. At the end of the first seven years, when all 100 memberships have been fully paid, the endowment should grow by $1 million, thus providing a measure of security for the mission and ministry of The Methodist Home.

If you would like to join The Joseph Company or would like to receive some additional information, please contact Caroline Edenfield, Chief Executive Officer of The Foundation of The Methodist Home, at 478-751-1725.

Ways You Can Help