IRA Giving

Did you know you can designate funds directly to The Methodist Home from your IRA account? If you have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and you are 70½ years or older, you must withdraw a required minimum distribution (RMD) out of your account each year. Many people don’t know that rather than withdrawing those funds themselves (and paying taxes on the money withdrawn), they can give their RMD directly to a charity and avoid paying taxes on the withdrawal.

You can also make The Methodist Home a beneficiary of your retirement plan. If you leave your plan to an individual, a considerable amount of the value may be lost to income taxes as the beneficiary withdraws the retirement funds. If you leave it to The Methodist Home, the full value could be used to help children and families.

You can get a change of beneficiary form through your plan provider or your human resources department.

Name The Methodist Home of the South GA Conference Inc. (EIN: 58-0622971) as a full or partial beneficiary.

If you are interested in donating your RMD or making The Methodist Home a beneficiary of your retirement account, please contact Caroline Edenfield at (478) 751-2800. Thank you for making a beneficiary designation that will provide life-changing programs for God’s children!

*Please contact your attorney or advisor before transferring funds.

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