Charitable Giving


Thank you for your desire to partner with us in serving needy and abused children! There are many ways in which you can support our Methodist Home: 

How can I make a safe and secure donation to the ministry of The Methodist Home?

  1. Mail us a check. Send it to The Methodist Home, PO Box 2525, Macon, GA 31203. Be sure to indicate if you have a special way you wish your donation to be used, or if you want us to notify someone of a memorial or honor gift (don’t forget to include their address). Also, please be sure to note if this gift is designated for a particular campus.
  2. Use Our “Donate Now” Page. This page allows you to set up recurring donations or make one time gifts. You can draft from your bank account or use a credit card. We are hosted by one of the nation’s largest secure donation sites. You can designate your gift to the campus you particularly support, or to our general ministry.
  3. Click on the PayPal button to make a donation to us. It’s easy, it uses the account you already have, and it blesses our children! If you desire to designate your gifts for a particular campus, please tell us in the “message” section as you make your PayPal gift.

  4. Use Your Visa, Mastercard Or American Express Card Without Putting Your Credit Card Numbers Online. Call our Development Office at 478-751-2807 to use your credit card for a gift without having to send your private information over the internet.
  5. Give Stock.  You can gift stock through your Stock Broker. You may find you avoid high capital gains taxes through this type giving. Have your broker call Todd Bennett (478-751-2800) for our stock account information to make the transfer.
  6. Give Property In-Kind.  You can give a piece of property, car, or other item as an in-kind gift. Please contact us first, as there are important steps we should take.
  7. Life Insurance. Many people have paid up life insurance policies which are no longer needed for the initial beneficiary. You can list us as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy. “The Foundation of The Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.” as a charitable beneficiary.
  8. Join The Joseph Company. Joseph Company members follow the biblical Joseph by laying up for the hard times ahead. Joseph Company members give $1,200 annually for 7 years. When we reach 100 Joseph Company members, our endowment will have $1,000,000 invested to help preserve the ministry of The Methodist Home. Contact Caroline Edenfield at 478-751-1725 to learn more about The Joseph Company.
  9. Make a Legacy Gift – Legacy gifts ensure that the ministry of the Children’s Home will continue for many years. Gifts made to the Permanent Endowment are invested, and only the earnings are used; such gifts are, in effect, perpetual! You don’t need a large estate to make a legacy gift. Many people of normal means are able to designate a portion of their estate for a loved charity. Your will should name “The Foundation of The Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.” as the beneficiary.
    You can create a charitable remainder trust that will create income for your lifetime and the principle will go to The Methodist Home. We invite you to name “The Foundation of The Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.” as a charitable beneficiary.
    Caroline Edenfield, CEO of the Foundation, would be pleased to have a confidential conversation with you concerning legacy giving. You may contact Mrs. Edenfield at 478-751-1725. 
  10. Support Our Thrift Store.  Many people in the Macon area bring us their yard sale items. We place these items in our Thrift Store and the proceeds go to the Children’s wants! Volunteers sort through donated clothes, and determine the best use of each item, either in our campus “clothing store” for the residents, or through another Thrift Store. Drop them off in our outdoor “drop box”, located outside our Thrift Store just inside the campus.
  11. Remember The Children In Your Will. We invite you to name “The Foundation of The Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.” as a charitable beneficiary.
  12. Christmas Presents. Invite your class, fellow employees, or other group to help provide gifts for our children. Contact us in October or November to get full details.
  13. Honor/Memorial Gifts. You can invite persons to mark special occasions by gifts in honor. Give gifts to The Methodist Home to mark a birthday, wedding, birth, anniversary, retirement, or other special occasion.
  14. PRAY.  Most importantly, you can keep our children in your thoughts and Prayers!

that it costs The Methodist Home more to process your credit card gift than it does to process an automatic withdrawal from your checking account? And sending a check is the lowest cost way to give to our ministry. We want to provide all the options you desire for your donation; however, many donors are unaware that credit card companies charge 3% to process the donation. Automatic withdrawals cost a smaller flat fee per transaction, while processing checks incurs no fees. We provide this information so that we can all be aware of our stewardship of funds. Please use the way that best meets your needs.

The Methodist Home has always had a Methodist Minister as the “Agent for The Home”. The Agent’s responsibility is to raise the charitable dollars from the local churches, individuals, and businesses to help provide a loving Christian environment for the children who are in our care. We seek to raise 35% of our budget through charitable dollars-almost $4 million annually.

The Methodist Home has been providing care for over 10,000 children, youth, and families within the South Georgia Conference. Please take great pride in knowing that your Home reaches out to children and families in communities across the state of Georgia and provides excellent care for children who are hurting and needing a place to experience healing and wholeness.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for being a part of this great ministry to God’s Children.

Todd Bennett
Chief Development Officer
The Methodist Home

PRIVACY NOTE: The Methodist Home does not share our mailing list or donor list with anyone. You need not fear being deluged with requests because you support our ministry.

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