Robert — Just Keep Swimming

img_0299Robert came to live at The Methodist Home one year ago and the improvements we have seen since then have been astounding. You can easily see our mission of restoring childhoods come to life in Robert. From an attitude of defiance and anger to a life full of freedom and opportunities, he has been transformed!

Just like any other young boy, Robert enjoys video games, swimming, and playing with friends. Since coming to The Methodist Home, Robert has become more people-oriented and shows this by selflessly helping others.

He looks up to several people at The Home as positive role models, especially his Program Manager, Mr. Vashun.

Robert is also very smart, winning an award for Milestones improvements in all subjects of Price Academy. Even though he finds science most interesting, he increased his grades in all subjects during the last school year.

He is full of energy, ready to embrace whatever life throws his way. Although Robert still faces struggles, the challenges he has overcome in a short amount of time is incredible.

At The Methodist Home we encourage our kids to dream big and Robert is no exception. He has aspirations to one day become an Olympic swimmer. With his natural leadership skills and energetic personality, we have no doubt he has the potential to achieve his goals and set a positive example for young boys who have been in his shoes. Thank you for helping us empower our children!

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