Every Day Above Ground is a Great Day

“Above Ground”

I know what it’s like to feel sad and down
To feel like you don’t belong in your town
You can’t smile or laugh, only frown
You ask yourself, “Why me? I’m only a child”

As the days pass, you cry and weep
You never want to do anything at all but sleep
You’re tired of everyone looking at you like a creep
You’re trying to climb the hill, but it’s too steep

You want to leave but have nowhere to go
The days get longer and the weeks so slow
You have no role models, mentors, and no coach
Feeling like there’s no light, not even the stars glow.

Feeling like you’re ready to die, as if you are old
Or like a house of cards, just ready to fold
Everything will be okay with a little time so we’ve been told
But those words are like food… wait too long and it gets cold

I’ve been through it all, easy and rough
But don’t give up, you’ve got to stay tough
Let everyone know that you’re not just a bluff
You can play the game without a glove

So keep your head up, your crown might fall
Put your game face on, hustle, grind, and get the ball
Do what you love and wait on your call
You think I’m done but that’s not all

People say the sky is our limit
But we’re going way past the sky
It might not be today, but we’ll never stop trying
One day we’ll be so high up you will think we are flying
So remember that next time you feel like dying

Always remember the words I have said
Every day let them repeat in your head
So next time you feel down, you can say instead,
“Any day above ground is a great day!” that is what Jason H. said
(or Pitbull) heehee


Every Day Above Ground is a Great Day

When first meeting Jason, you would believe he was just like any other 15 year old. He likes to hang out with his friends and play sports. But once you get to know him, you realize he is a young man full of maturity and wisdom. After living at Carpenter’s Way Ranch for four years, Jason wrote the poem shown above. The title of the poem, “Above Ground,” ties Jason’s life and his experiences at Carpenter’s Way Ranch together.

The title was inspired by a Pitbull song that says “every day above ground is a great day.” This is Jason’s life motto, and he uses it as a reminder to have a positive outlook on life. This poem symbolizes what a positive attitude can do for a person and is an encouragement to other young people going through struggles in life.

Jason credits his success at Carpenter’s Way Ranch to a few role models among others: Nick Alford, DeMarcus Smith, Dwayne Jenkins, and Mr. Al. Throughout his life and his time at Carpenter’s Way Ranch, Jason has been passionate about sports, playing football, basketball, and running track at Harris County High School. He also participates in band and choir. Jason was recently placed with a family in the Columbus area. We are so proud of Jason and all of the great things he has accomplished while at Carpenter’s Way Ranch and we look forward to his future!

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