Veteran Honored at Alumni Day

img_0605The Methodist Home Alumni honored James Kent at its annual Homecoming. Mr. Kent is the last of the WWII veterans who grew up in The Methodist Home in Macon, Georgia. Mr. Kent was a resident of The Home from 1929-1940 when he joined the Army. He entered as a private and was discharged as a major. He was wounded and captured by German forces in Italy and later transferred to Germany where he remained a Prisoner of War for nearly two years. Mr. Kent was awarded three medals: Silverstar, the third highest medial for gallantry in combat; Prisoner of War medial; and Purple Heart, for wounds suffered in combat during WWII and in Korea. He retired from the U.S. Army after serving 20 years. The Home has had many to serve in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Afghanistan. We honor and remember all those who bravely served by putting their lives on the line so we can enjoy our freedoms here in America.

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