Alumni Day 2016 – Celebrating and Remembering

Alumni Day 2016 was held at the Macon campus of The Methodist Home on Saturday, August 20. Alumni, along with family and friends, attended and reminisced on their time living here at The Home.


They were able to spend time reconnecting with fellow alumni and looking back at photos from their past. They also enjoyed time playing Bingo and winning prizes.


The alumni, family and friends were able to take a tour of the Macon campus, connect with staff members, enjoy a delicious lunch, and spend time in fellowship.


Each alumni brought special family members and friends with them to enjoy the homecoming activities. These people are influential in the lives of the alumni, and enjoyed being able to see where they grew up.


A special prize was given to one of the alumni, a handmade quilt.


James Kent, our oldest veteran alumni, spent time telling stories of his time at The Methodist Home. He also told stories about his time as a prisoner of war. Mr. Kent has served in World War II, along with other conflicts.


The day concluded with a Memorial Service in our chapel in the Rumford Center. The alumni remembered the lives of those lost in the past year.

After the memorial service, the alumni had an ice cream social with our residents. They spent time together and shared stories.

It was a great day of celebrating lives changed, remembering lives lost, and sharing wisdom.

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