Ty…A Young Woman with a Strong Backbone

Ty is one step closer to her goals!

Ty is one step closer to her goals!

Life has not always been easy for Ty.  She has experienced more trauma and pain in her 17 years than most folks see in a lifetime.  Each time, she has picked herself up, dusted herself off, straightened her back and walked on, determined to do better! “I don’t look back at my past…I move forward to my future.”


There was a period of time where she left the home, but she came to realize The Methodist Home offered her far more opportunity than the other alternatives available to her.  She chose to come back, finish her education and plans on succeeding in life.


“At The Methodist Home, I have gained a bunch of self confidence, found new opportunities and learned to be independent.  I take responsibility for myself, clean my room, do my chores, complete my homework and help out around the cottage.”  When asked what motivates her to do more than most teens in these areas, she proudly proclaims, “Because, one day, I will be a home owner!”


She also offered words of advice for other kids in foster care, directly and with passion, “Keep your head up, no matter what you have been through!  Don’t let others judge you by your past.  Be strong, be independent.  Re – create yourself and be better than you were before!”


Ty’s goals include graduating high school with honors, signing up with the Army Reserves, going to college so she can become a critical care or combat nurse.  She credits Miss Willie Ann (her advocate at the Methodist Home) as a major motivator in her life.  “If I drop off my efforts by 1%, Miss Willie Ann stays on me…she is like a mom and coaches me step by step, always telling me she believes in me.  Now I believe in myself!  I am so proud I have grown my own backbone!”


Thank you for helping girls like Ty!  Your support provides her with the best chance to succeed in life.


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