Earning My Green Thumb!

Earning My Green Thumb

Quintavious is earning his green thumb this Spring by planting and taking care of a garden.

Before Quintavious came to The Methodist Home, he grew up around farmers. He saw watermelon, cabbage, and tomatoes grow every spring and summer. He enjoys working with his hands so he decided he would grow a garden.

A smile grows on Quintavious’ face as he describes his garden. It took hard work digging and making the bed ready for his plants. He studied different plants and decided he would grow hot banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, and tomatoes. They are some of his favorite foods.

They are like my babies.

Quintavious takes care of his plants because they are like his babies.

He planted just before Easter and a cold snap had Quintavious worried. As he checked on them he explained, “They are like my babies.” When he saw the plants, he realized they were going to make it. It was a huge relief. Quintavious takes care everyday to check on the plants. He waters them when it doesn’t rain. It is a commitment he wanted to make. He says he is “earning my green thumb.”

Quintavious is looking forward to eating his bounty. He has begun looking for recipes he can use to cook his vegetables. He plans to share his crop with his friends in the cottage. He can hardly wait!

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